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Customer retention increases profits and only happy, connected customers come back and buy more. We can train your customer-facing employees to keep customers happy and coming back - again and again.

For our book, “Who’s Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fans,” ten successful companies from a diverse range of industries - from airlines to consumer moving - shared their secrets for keeping their customers loyal and connected.

We bring those techniques to you so that you can achieve those same levels of success, using:

  • - Customized customer service model development
  • - Ongoing staff training with built-in accountability
  • - Online employee-led service skills training
  • - Keynotes
  • - Breakout presentations, half day and full day sessions

The possibility of growing your business through customer loyalty and retention is yours for the taking. One fact is certain - you can initiate the call so we can explore exactly what those possibilities are. Get in touch with Lori at 313.909.3062.

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To best meet your needs, we offer: Keynotes (45, 60, and 90 minute), Breakout sessions (60 – 90 minutes), Half day or full day trainings, Multi-day retreat facilitation. Also available for: Focus group facilitation, Coaching & Private consulting.

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Customer Service is the New Sales: Grow Your Profits with Service Excellence

Develop a game plan to succeed no matter what challenges the economy may bring. Gain proven ways to keep customers coming back, turning critics into your most vocal advocates – even when things go wrong. ♦ Turn even the crankiest customer into your biggest fan ♦ Gain creative problem solving skills for positive and effective workplace relationships ♦ Step up your emotion management skills - so you can effectively manage any difficult situation.

Got a Gladys? How to Turn Tough Customers into Vocal Advocates

How you feel affects what you do. Learn to manage unhappy customers with finesse and see any challenge as a game you can win. Customers who express emotion, even negative emotions, are more invested in your company. Turn around tense situations and create breakthrough results with even the most cantankerous customers.


The Choice to Excel: Culture-Changing Customer Service Excellence Practices

Come to this workshop and you’ll never see your company culture the same way again. Based on over a year of interviews with the CEO’s and managers of highly successful companies, Marilyn Suttle’s timely and relevant interactive session offers proven ways to cultivate a customer service culture that generates loyal customers and long-term referrals. Passion and drive leads executives to develop their expertise, but the need for high competency in creating lasting customer connections is critical for longevity. Gain “works-in-real-life” strategies for bringing out the best in even the most challenging customer service situations.

This program will give you easy to implement skills to put in place immediately after the training. Key issues covered include: ♦ Impacting your company culture to attract and retain happy customers ♦ Reviewing internal workplace communication to create an upward spiral of service excellence. ♦ Viewing customer service NOT as a department but a company-wide commitment ♦ Handling customer complaints effectively in social media. ♦ Gaining the skills for giving uncommon appreciation to internal and external customers ♦ Generating continuous improvement cycles with accountability action plan for attendees to measure their service culture success

Value to Attendees: Attendees will have proven tools to improve their customer service culture, improve employee buy-in, attract and retain customers and grow their referral base. They will have practiced specific skills to empower other employees and managers (internal customers) to be more accountable to service initiatives. They will be able to easily manage today’s “hyper-sensitive” customers and ready for the inevitable economic rebound.


Getting Personal in an Impersonal World: Connecting with Customers via Telephone and Email

It takes a special set of skills to create strong connections and improve customer loyalty via telephone and email. This training will cover: ♦ The mechanics of good telephone and email response skills ♦ How to identify and manage hot button issues on the phone and email ♦ What to do when a customer is yelling/crying/accusing/demanding/name calling ♦ Responding to emails for the best possible outcome ♦ Creating decision trees for phone and email correspondence ♦ Defusing an upset customer

“Thank you SO MUCH for a wonderful two days! The Baker Online staff had a wonderful time while learning so much! You provided great tools for the staff to take our customer service to the next level. Your sessions were very engaging. There was never a dull moment! I loved the stories shared of your PERSONAL experiences instead of the "canned" stories trainers often share. I especially appreciated your ability to shift the direction of your presentation, based on the reaction of my staff, to meet the individual needs of each group! It was an incredible learning experience. Oh!!! I forgot the most important thing...the staff are STILL a buzz about the session. They have been discussing their experience with each other, comparing notes, and making plans to incorporate what they have learned into daily practice. TRULY AMAZING!!!!” - Dr. Julia A. Teahen, President, Baker College Online


Service Excellence Coaching:

Virtual Service Excellence Coaching E-Course If you’re ready to triple and quadruple your success with customers, sign up now for 12 weekly email sessions. Each week, you’ll receive tips you can use right now, along with activities and inspiration that will allow you to set your company apart from the competition, turn every customer into a loyal fan, and grow your referral sales.


Live Tele-Course - Sell More with a Service Perspective:

Eight Weekly Sessions Proven methods to grow your sales, covered in detail - Personalized “Ask Marilyn & Lori” questions answered - Follow up measurement tools emailed to you - Group calls recorded if you can’t attend live - One hour personal coaching session just for you!

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Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?