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National Oil & Lube News

Great companies realize that no matter what you sell, whether it’s a product or a service, what you are actually selling is an experience. Your customers can usually buy the same thing from someone else, so you have to provide them with something they can’t find at any other place - an experience...    Read Online  Read PDF

Credit Union Management Magazine

Credit union customer service representatives are no stranger to difficult members. It is the problem member who makes the job tough. But the problem member can also present the greatest opportunity, according to a book by two customer service experts... Read More

Top 10 Customer Service Books

Here are ten of the best customer service books available. If you are looking to improve customer service, handle complaints better or go the extra mile for customers, these books can help get you going in the right direction... Read More

Time Magazine (online)

I'm always intrigued with how different people handle those awful words: We don't need you any more. It's the phrase no one wants to hear, but it just might be the words that launch you into a new, better place in your life. At least, that's the attitude Lori Jo Vest has. Vest is the co-author of the customer-service bestseller “Who's Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer into Your Biggest Fan.”... Read More

Intelligent and Thought-Provoking Blogs

Creators Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest understand the importance of customer service and they’re not afraid to blog about it. This insightful site offers a wealth of tips and real stories that customer service representatives and customers will find valuable. I’ve only been following the Who’s Your Gladys? blog for a short time and I’m hooked! ... Read More

The HR Specialist

The recession has caused the rise of a new class of “hypersensitive consumer,” according to a new survey in Retail Week. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of respondents say they would leave a store if they encountered poor service... Read More

CEO Training (dotcom)

Marilyn and Lori are experts in customer service and customer loyalty training, management, and improvement. Their combined experiences include providing customer service management training to 100′s of clients, performing customer service themselves for over 10 years, and helping other improve their customer retention and growth strategies as well... Read More

PR Newswire - United Business Media

Don't be shocked, be prepared – The surprise of being treated rudely can shut down the reason centers of the brain and produce a fight, flight, or freeze reaction. Businesses who regularly conduct "war game" meetings empower employees with a plan of action to protect themselves... Read More

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Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?Customer Service Experts - Who's Your Gladys?