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You are welcome to use any of the articles at the links below on your blog or in your publication, provided you include all of the text that accompanies each article. In official language:

Permission to reprint articles by Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest is hereby given to all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that the contact information at the end of each article is included in your publication. Organizations publishing articles electronically, a live, clickable link to http://www.whosyourgladys.com must also be included with the body of the article.

Additionally, please mail one copy of your publication to:
Suttle/Vest, 22203 Antler Drive, Novi, MI 48375

    1. Permission to reprint articles by Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest at no charge is granted with the agreement that:
  • a. The article bio be included following each article used.
  • b. One copy of the publication in which the article is published be provided to the authors.
  • c. * A fee per article will be expected for articles published without the closing bio and contact information; $300.

  • 2. Permission is also granted for reasonable:
  • a. Editing of content and industry specific example exchange
  • b. Article title change

Electronic publishing of articles must include a live, click-able link to http://www.whosyourgladys.com .
If you have any questions, please email to Info@WhosYourGladys.com. Thank you!

Article Title
Word Count
5 Service Excellence Principles to Propel Your Profits 1,096
Be a Mentor (Not a Tormentor) with Your Newer Service Staff 493
Bossy Doesn’t Work in Customer Service 636
Customer Perceptions Matter More than the Truth 1,138
Don’t Deflate a Customer’s Sails: Know When Rules are Meant to Be Broken 910
Doing an End-of-Day Review is Powerful – Here’s How 509
Grand Scheme or Minutia – What Do You Really Want? 910
Guard Against Resentment Flu: Inoculate Your Employees with Internal Customer Service 1,409
Heightened Stress Doesn’t Have to Lead to Lesser Service 932
Do You Know What’s at the Top of Your Customers’ Irritation Lists? 455
Is Your Employee Appreciation Backfiring? 1,111
Making a Connection vs. Being Efficient 902
How Well Do You Manage Expectations? 474
Meeting the Six Human Needs of Customers 674
Need More Customers? Answer These Questions to Find Out if You’re Repelling Business 823
Personalizing the Impersonal: Where Can You Add a Touch of Fun? 510
Do You Reward Your Customers for Paying Attention? 693
Sometimes It’s the Seemingly Small Things that Influence a Consumer to Choose You Again 653
Staying Focused: Here’s a Great Tool for Getting What You Want 885
Step Away from the Telephone, Unless You Have Skills 949
The Customer Service Ladder to Success 376
Train, Train and Train Some More – Else They Forget 642
Who Do You Become During Customer Challenges? 1,190
Who's Your Gladys? Who's Your Gladys? How Do Assumptions Impact the Customer Experience? 974

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